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    ** So what is Psychosocial? Who are we? **


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    ** So what is Psychosocial? Who are we? ** Empty ** So what is Psychosocial? Who are we? **

    Post  Gorebyss on Wed Nov 25, 2009 3:34 pm

    Hello and welcome to the official Psychosocial recruitment section.
    We are glad to see your interest in the guild and since you're in the recruitment section, we guess that you're interested in joining the guild as well?

    So for those who doesn't know what we stand for, who we are and what the meaning, achieves and goals of the guild are, here's a little start-off kick!


    Psychosocial was made at the 22th of November the year 2009.
    The guild was started by a bunch of ex-members of Kodo Outriders which used to raid together during a long period of time. As the time passed on, the members felt like they wanted to evolve the raiding and bring it to a whole new level - a level higher. Most of the former members that made the guild are officers within' the guild and have been raiding for a very long time. They are also highly rich in experience when it comes to end-game content raiding, and is capable of leading as well as coordinating and arranging stuff within' the guild walls. Therefore, we thought that those former members, were viable and suitable for the job as an officer. They also most likely know their class in and out.

    Goals and achievements:

    Our goals are to achieve as much as possible within' end-game content raiding, without raiding too much. We are not a hardcore raiding guild, nor a casual raiding guild. Many thinks that you'll have to raid 5 times a week in order to progress and achieve some nice gear and loot. But we brought this thought to another level. We have set as a goal to raid 3 times a week. During these raiding days, we are not casually raiding, but we are really pushing the limit and we want to see that everyone really is making effort and putting their best in (since we are raiding so little). But don't forget the main goal - to have fun! We are here to enjoy our stay, not to have a bad time. It's a game and many tend to forget that. Enjoy your stay and evolve the friendship and we guarantee you that you'll have a great time!

    Raiding times and days

    We are raiding the days: tuesdays, thursdays as well as sundays, the times: 20.00 until 23.00 GMT, and will ofcourse continue later on progress raids, if we have the setup for contineuing. So feel free to stay abit longer to gain that extra progress.

    We expect our ALL raiders to be fully prepared when attending to a raid.

    Which means they'll have to either bring mats to fish feast or foodbuffs and flasks. Don't count on others in the guild to do it for you. ALWAYS have an extra stack of flasks/foodbuffs in your inventory! (which would be the best option, since it benefits the whole raid)

    We expect all our raiders to not pug the instances we are playing. This includes everyone!

    Sign ups

    We expect all the members that are joining the guild to atleast raid 3 times a week. We are using calendar to set up the raids, so we expect our members to always check the ingame calendar for upcoming raids. If the UI makes it hard for you to use it, then simply type: /calendar
    This works at all times.

    Loot rules

    Many of the officers and raiders in Psychosocial have been trying out the DKP system for a very long time. Though we dislike the whole idea about people getting less DKP for attending but sitting out. So we decided to use a lootrule called "lootcouncil", which basically means that the player that the item benefits the most will most likely get the item, if all officers and raidleaders agree. We want an average of well geared players within' the guild and that is hard to acheive if you strave after the DKP.

    Final words

    So, now that you've gotten to know us abit, we would like to know you as a person, player and character. Please post an application forum in the application section and we might be the gang that you'll hang out with!

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