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    Death knight DPS BLOOD Empty Death knight DPS BLOOD

    Post  Poizon on Sun Dec 13, 2009 1:03 am

    1. real life name Tari

    2. from: Sweden - but im danish

    3. How old are you: 24

    4. What character are you playing and what do you think your role is during a raid?

    I love both roles as my death knight can, however my tanking gear im upgrading atm my dps gear is 150% alot better (just used all emblems on new dps gear ;D )

    5. If you would rate your playstyle of your class and spec, how much would you rate yourself as a player of that appropriate class and spec? (rate from 1 to 5, were 1 is really bad and 5 is excellent, when putting a 5, this means you really maximize your playing style, putting out the best dps/healing/tanking/sockets/enchants/everything that benefits the character in the best possible way, and explain why you rated yourself this way, do NOT just put a number, example: 5 ofc *blink* *blink*)

    4 - I always come prepaired, always try to get the best of the best, I do not need for only 2 extra stats if i can see another needs it more,I used to be raid leader, guildleader, and class leader in pre-TBC and TBC, and now i recently started playing abit wotlk again. I do alot out of my character the best I can, however I have some trouble getting myself together and level my proffesions on this one, i got it fully on my "newly" alt however potions and herbalisme (mypoizon)

    6. We raid the days: tuesdays, thursdays and sundays the times: 20.00-23.00, are you able to attend to these raids? If not, why?

    Depends on my schedules at work, it's alot different each week, but most times I can - sundays are not a problem at all. but sometimes im first home around 21 in work days. (but then i wouldnt sign for a raid. - only sign if i know i can attend)

    7. Whats your previous raiding experience? (vanilla 'pre tbc'), TBC and WOTLK. What bosses and instances have you cleared?

    everything in pre-tbc on my warlock and priest. druid was only to AQ40 (that will say: MC BWL ZG NAXX AQ20/40 and i dont remember all of them.) (as gm and rl)
    Gruul Kara, and maggy ZA (as gm and rl) then i quitted

    None yet, but i am a easy learner, and a oldschool good raider and guildmember.

    8. What do you expect from us as a guild?

    I expect a social and fun guild that likes to raid, and does not go nuts when we wipe alot, keep the spirits up and having fun.

    9. Are you able to speak english and use ventrilo? Do you have a working microphone and sound? If yes, how well would you rate your english? (from 1 to 5, where 5 is fluent and excellent, and 1 is really bad). If you don't have a working microphone or sound and cannot use ventrilo, why?

    4 - I live in a foreign country and I speak english on daily basis, and fluently (though a bit grammer failures once in a while)

    Yeah i can use vent, but then i just need to setup my pc, sitting on a mac currently but should be no problem

    10. We would like to see our applicants being 18 years old or older. If you are under this age, please motivate why we should make an exception for you and why do you think you should be worth a spot?

    Cause im over 18 like 6years.

    11. Please include an armory link of your gear. Why did you choose this spec? is there anything to improve with the spec which will boost the raiding?

    spec - well hmm i dont really know mostly cause i find it incredible fun to play with, but thinking of changing it to a more damage giving specc in the future (so im respeccing probaly tomorrow or today)

    12. Anything else you'd like to add?

    [color=red]yeah i know i dont got any wotlk experiences with raid, but i cant see that should be any problem, the most of those epics i got on my lil baby i've gotten within a week. (besides the pvp gear, took a while)

    And im incredible social and fun

    Merry xmas soon! hope you guys answer soon.
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    Death knight DPS BLOOD Empty Re: Death knight DPS BLOOD

    Post  Uhoq on Mon Dec 14, 2009 8:04 pm

    Sry! Denied, we are currently full on DK's!

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