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    Post  sulbo on Sun Dec 13, 2009 6:50 pm

    1. What's your in real life name? Mathias Börjesson

    2. Where are you from? Sweden

    3. How old are you? 17 soon 18

    4. What character are you playing and what do you think your role is during a raid? Enhancement / restoration shaman well i proly my role in the raids are to do has good dps as possible and some times some interuptions.

    5. Hmm i belive my specc is 4-5 but atm because im focusing on gear i put myself as a 3-4 proly 3

    6. I can play all those days exept for whole next week when im on weekation.

    7. Vanilla / ive done everything in Wotlk.

    8. that u are freindly and do as much progress as possible.

    9. english proly a 4 i got mic working and vent.

    10. Hmm i really dunno why u guys whould make an exception with me but i can tel u that im a really fast learner and a good freind. And i probebly wont disepoint u.

    11. My gear is in progress but will be full T9 tomorrow atm im in resto gear on armory so no need in sending the link. my only thing i know my specc will help in the raiding is that i have specced improved Haste for melee dps and improved STR / flametounge totems for maximum buffs. i will also increase AP by 10% if i critt and i will do that =)

    12. Nothing i can think about.
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    Post  Uhoq on Mon Dec 14, 2009 8:03 pm

    Sry denied! your a bit young.

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